BMW Race Week 2015 Registration is now OPEN!

It’s that time of year again – Race Week is right around the corner and registration is now open!  Click here to sign up and don’t forget to book your Dinner, Awards and Dance tickets, or just Dance tickets, if that’s your preference.

This year, the dinner will be provided by Red Oak Catering and entertainment will be provided by Ten Minute City to keep you rockin’! Don’t miss out!


Skippers Wanted: Delivery to Azores

The Port of St. John’s is working with a couple from Quebec who are looking to have their boat delivered to the Azores in August. The vessel is called Cap Sud, a 38 foot vessel.

The man who runs the boat hurt his arm, and the owners want a skipper to deliver to the Azores – maybe 12 to 14 day sail. They’re willing to pay $75/day, and fly the selected skipper back from the Azores. They are willing to go anytime in August.

Interested parties should reach out to Diane Carignan


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