Update on Marine Communications

Mariners are advised that effective 1900 UTC March 31, 2015 all marine communications and traffic services provided from St. John’s will consolidate into Placentia.

Vessels previously calling St. John’s coast guard radio should now call Placentia coast guard radio. The MMSI for St. John’s coast guard radio will be discontinued. Vessels using VHF dsc should now use the Placentia MMSI number 00 316 0019.  Any vessel operating in the St. John’s traffic zone will continue to report to St. John’s traffic on VHF channel 11, in accordance with the vessel traffic services zone regulations.


Launch Notice

launchslipLaunch time is upon us and even though we haven’t “officially” started the process, we have already moved some boats to their natural home in the water.

In the coming weeks it is imperative that everyone tend to their boats and make preparations for launching.  If this is not possible, communication with the yard team, Steve, Corey and James, is essential for launching efficiency.

I know that there have been some comments regarding the inability to launch boats on the weekends, but as communicated previously, this has proven to be more effective, both financially and logistically, for our club.  However, we are planning on having one weekend available for launches, similar to the fall period.  This will be probably the weekend after the Victoria Day holiday.  This confirmation will be communicated shortly.

There are also some new protocols for this years launch that need to be communicated.

– There will be a work order issued by the office manager that will be given to the yard team to allow the boat to be launched.  This will be our clubs check on whether a member is  in good standing or not.

– The slip will give the yard team to confirm if the member launching the boat has the required insurance  as it will require a signature from the member confirming that this is the case.

– Additional fees incurred while in the launch process will be captured on this slip and will require the members signature, with one copy being retained by that member.  This will help with controlling any possible errors in invoicing members for services they didn’t require.

An additional change to our operations will also be communicated to the membership:

In the event an Owner or Designate is not available to prepare and assist in the Launching or Haul out of a Member(s) boat and provided the owner has given authorization in writing (signed Launch document) the Marina Staff can prepare, launch, haul out, and secure a Member(s) boat. Charges will apply for this service as per the following:

1.     $100.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $200.00.

2.     The hourly rate of $100.00 shall also apply for any special work requested by a Member(s) undertaken by our Marina Staff that is outside of the standard launch and haul out procedures.

Note:  This includes the installation and removal of masts.

Pasted below is section 8 of the Members handbook outlining launch/haul out process.



Following is a list of policies and rules, which shall apply to the launch and haul out of boats on Club property and are subject to change where weather conditions dictate or mechanical failures:

(1) All boat owners are responsible to be aware of the scheduled dates for commencement and completion of launch/haul out so they can plan their preparation work schedule accordingly, thus

(2) The Club Manager’s permission is required for launch/haul out at any time other than the

(3) Boat owners must notify the Club of their approximate planned haul out date at least one week prior to scheduled start so that a space allocation plan can be prepared. To minimize delays members should check with the Club or Travel lift operator as to the approximate time when your

(4) If launch/haul out is delayed for an unreasonable period the responsible boat owner may be subject to a fine as stipulated in Appendix “C”. This includes no show of owner or if cradle repairs are necessary after boat has been lifted from the water thereby holding up reasonable progress.

(5) Boat owners are required to sign a Use of Facilities and Services Agreement prior to lifting of their boats absolving the Club of liability. Likewise, they are required to provide proof of liability insurance on demand.

(6) No boat will be lifted until all accounts in excess of 30 days are paid in full, or arrangements

(7) Boat owners are expected to identify their own cradles at haul out time, keep them in good repair, and provide sufficient blocking as required to level cradle and facilitate lifting by the dolly if necessary. Also to facilitate the process owners should ensure they have sufficient help for the launch/haul out process. This will reduce delays and improve safety.

(8)The area surrounding your boat must be kept clean, including removal of paint spills and debris at launch. If this is not complied with the Club will assume responsibility for this and the responsible boat owner will be billed accordingly.

(9) If a boat owner does not intend to launch during the early phase of the launch process he/she must so inform the Manager and ensure that his/her boat is hauled out and stored in a location that will not interfere with the spring launch. If this is not done the Club has the right to move the boat when and where needed at the expense of the boat owner to accommodate the spring launch. The fees for moving boats during launch are detailed in Appendix “C”.

(10) Due to limited space, sailboat owners are required to remove spreaders on their mast while stored over the winter period. When possible mast racks should be used. Failure to remove spreaders will result in a fee as set out in Appendix C.

(11)Damage to another boat as a result of preparation work done on a member’s boat is the responsibility of the offending member whether done by themselves or by a third party. The Club has no responsibility in such cases.

(12) All masts, cradles, trailers and boat stands must be clearly marked with the name of the boat owner or the boat name.

(13) All trailers must be removed from club property immediately after their boat is launched.

I hope you all have a safe and uneventful launch and I hope to see you all on the water soon!

Kris Drodge

krisdrodge@gmail.com | 709-690-2158


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