Boat Storage

The RNYC has storage for boats that wish to be placed on the hard for the winter months. Members are permitted full access to do work and there are several companies who will come on site to provide services and supplies. We encourage visiting yachts to stay for the winter and take advantage of these services. Arrangements can also be made for boat storage for extended periods to accommodate cruising plans.

Boats can also be left in the water over winter at owner’s risk.

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3 thoughts on “Boat Storage

  1. We will arrive in Canada in July 2016 and plan to cross the Atlanic a year later in June 2017. Is there a possibility to haul-out our sailboat (12m by 3.8m) for the winter 2016/17? The boat is registred in Switzerland

    Best regards


  2. Hi,

    I’m looking to store one of my boats at your facility for the winter only. Can you advise if you have room and what the cost would be? Boat would be 32 foot grand banks.

  3. RNYC,
    We are looking to store our 41′, 27,000 pound sailboat August 2018 – June 2019 in Newfoundland. I am writing to inquire about availability of facilities and approximate cost of storage.

    Thank you for considering this request.

    Chris Hartnett
    Minneapolis, MN

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