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  1. Hello,
    I was just woundering I’m coming from NS to go to marine institute and Im looking for the best way to get into the sailing community and is there anyway to get into a crew.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sam,

      Unfortunately the sailing season is wrapping up for the year, however skippers may be looking for crew come the spring next year. Your best bet is to follow our social channels – Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch what racers are up to.

      Thanks for your interest,

  2. Hi,

    I am currently living on a sailboat in Northern Norway, but will move to St. John’s in June to work at the Marine Institute. I was wondering if it was possible (allowed) to live onboard year-long at the Yacht Club. Is there anybody else doing it? I know the weather can be quite rough, but it is similar to what I experience here. The boat would be a 40’ with a steel hull.

    Any advice would be appreciated,

    Thank you.


  3. Is your club & resturant open all season I belong to ROSC out of the UK .
    I would also like to get involved crewing next season I have been sailing & racing for the last 50 years.

  4. I would like to send some photos to a member of your Club who visited the RCYC this summer while he was in Toronto to attend his daughter’s graduation from the U of T. We discussed Nonsuches, but time was limited and I did not tell him about some experimental rigs we were working on to eliminate the wishboom. His surname was Harris. Thank you for your assistance.

    John Newell
    Mascouche NS 26C # 1
    RCYC Toronto

  5. Hello, I’ve send some mails and phoned you once but I haven’t received any reaction yet. It concerns a slip for a Dufour 500 for the summerseason 2019 and to haul out the boat and store for the winter 2019-2020. As you said on the Phone, it wouldn’t be any problem but can you give the prices and the things you need to confirm this reservation?
    We’re arriving around the second half of Juin 2019, in the summermonths we’re going to explore New Foundland and Labrador but want to have your marina as our base.

    Thank you.
    Mike Celis, Belgium

  6. Hello,
    I am the owner/operator for Just Landed Tours in St. John’s. I am doing a private tour in the CBS area on August 9th and was wondering if your restaurant would be available for lunch?

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