Clean Up Day Thank You!

RNYC Members:

Thank You to all the members who gave up their Saturday to help clean up the Yacht Club grounds, the Clubhouse and the sailing school. We had a good turn out of 40+ people who besides cleaning up the grounds, painted a significant part of the outside of the Club and did many of the repair and maintenance jobs that need to be done to maintain a successful and enjoyable Club and marina. As always it was fun meeting new members and working along side other members to freshen up our spaces for this sailing season. Also Thanks to the staff for providing a delicious BBQ and refreshments.

There is still some painting and quite a few small repair & maintenance jobs that need to be done which we feel members with their individual talents and interests can assist with. So there will be a future email to make this possible. Again we thank all those who helped and we encourage others to get involved in the future. As we all know, more hands make less work, and we all get to enjoy a beautiful Club.

Thanks again,
Dale Courage


Pictures from 2015 Clean Up

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Father’s Day at the Club

Treat Dad this Sunday, June 19th to a hearty Royal Brunch at the Club!

Bring him on in for an “All You (and He) Can Eat” buffet complete with stuffed Atlantic Salmon, baked beans & ham fish & brews, sausage, bologna, bacon, scrambled eggs and hash browns, assorted desserts, fresh fruit, tea or coffee for $29.95




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