Despite the sun and double digit temperatures, the water is still near zero. Please watch and stay safe.[fb_vid id=”10155460135206424″]A really important message from the RNLI

Extension of Launch Deadline

Due to circumstances beyond everyone’s control (the weather) we find it necessary to extend the deadline for completion of Launch by one week to June 9.

We all know the difficulty in painting, fibreglassing and cleaning in cold temperatures, not to mention limited availability in our working week schedules. At the risk of jumping to a conclusion, it seems like the weather has turned a corner so let’s hope for warmer days ahead!

We ask that all members make a concerted effort to get your Boats launched as soon as possible. We are pressed up against a couple of impending deadlines: Clean-up Day next Saturday June 10 and Sail Past on Friday June 16 so we MUST get the masts off the front lawn by end of next week!

Let’s make sure our Club is in good form for our invited dignitaries attending Sail Past. For the information of Members, their Honours the Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. Fagan will be attending so I know you all join me in wanting the RNYC to be well presented at Sail Past! And, as always, we are asking YOU to attend to make the event a success and demonstrate the pride and dedication that our members have in the RNYC!

Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation! If there is anything I can do as Commodore to assist you in any way, as you know I am only too willing to offer my help. Here’s to a happy and pleasant boating season ahead!

R. Leo Quigley – Commodore

Calling all Volunteers – June 4th

The Club has decided to revitalize the swimming pool by doing some repairs to the pool apron and painting. We have a crew of volunteers in place to do the apron installation on June 3rd but need a couple more volunteers to help with the painting on June 4th. If you are able to lend a hand, please contact Manager Kathy Evans.


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