Motor Thefts

A warning to all boaters, there has been reports of outboard motor thefts in the area lately. The thieves have been brazen enough to cut lines to dinghies, pull them ashore and take the engines off the backs. Please take all precautions to lock down your engines and if you see any suspicious or criminal behaviour please call the RNC at (709) 729-8000 or if you require immediate assistance, 911.

Club House Opening + Mother’s Day details

Despite the hand Mother Nature has dealt us, we will be opening our Club House this weekend for the summer season and we look forward a great year ahead! Our Launch Lunch menu is sure to please as you get the wraps off those boats and get ’em ready for the water.


Also, our Mother’s Day dinner will be held in May. We’ll be offering a delicious dinner to celebrate all the wonderful Mothers. Book your reservation.

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Sea Shanties and Stories Night

06a842fe-1a27-4764-8257-30f0c3ac43e3MUN Sailing is a hosting a night of music and oral traditions called, A Life at Sea.

The night will feature some of Newfoundland’s most well-known traditional performers in a festivity of stories and songs of “…fish they’ve caught, of birds they’ve shot, of crazy risks they’ve run…”. The evening’s performances will centre on the theme of Newfoundland’s longstanding connection with the sea, and our cultural fascination with it.

Sea Shanties and Stories Night is being hosted by Memorial University Sailing. MUN Sailing was founded in 2012, with the intentions of providing students with the opportunity to experience the sea. MUN Sailing has, and continues to, represent our university and province at the national level.

Recognizing the importance of our maritime heritage and the strong cultural traditions associated with it, as well as a need for venues to support the arts in St. John’s – we have come together to present “A Life at Sea”. This event will be a partial fundraiser to support sailing opportunities for youth, as well to support local traditional artists.

So what can you expect from “A Life at Sea”?

Local fiddler and singer, Maria Peddle will open our evening with a number of renditions of traditional Newfoundland songs, including an exquisite cover of “The St. John’s Waltz”. Maria is a member of trad. group The Freels, and has performed all over the province.

Our headlining story­teller for the evening will be renowned folk-musician and cultural-ambassador, Kelly Russell. Officially designated as the Province’s first Tradition Bearer, Kelly’s story-telling talents will be celebrated in his sharing of stories from the sea, including “The Smokeroom on the Kyle”, and other tales from Pigeon Inlet, written by his father, Ted Russell. Kelly has also been a member of landmark groups such as Figgy Duff, The Wonderful Grand Band, Bristol’s Hope, and The Irish Descendants.

Our title performers of the evening, Fergus O’Byrne and Jim Payne, will share some powerful folk songs, and and recitations of traditional Newfoundland tales about the sea. Fergus and Jim are two of Newfoundland’s most respected performers combining instrumental prowess and humorous repartee, to cover a broad spectrum of Newfoundland folk culture, including songs, stories and dance tunes. Their repertoire includes rousing sea shanties and work songs, poignant ballads, comic ditties, folk tales and recitations, and toe-tapping jigs, reels and polkas on a variety of instruments.

We hope you can join us, for what is sure to be an incredible evening.

Doors open at 7:30. Please enter through the stairs on the side of The Rocket’s main entrance.

8:00 – 8:30: Maria Peddle
8:30 – 9:10: Kelly Russell
9:10 ­- 9:30: Intermission
9:30 ­- 11:00: Fergus O’Byrne & Jim Payne

For more information or to purchase tickets please click here.


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