Race Qs – Race Week

For anyone looking to get a little more in-depth with their racing this week, Tom Hickey has kindly set up a regatta page on Race Qs. Click Here

Race QS is an iPhone or Android app that records sailing data with your phone and creates a 3D replay of your race online. The 3D replay will show your boat and any other boats who were recording in your area. You don’t need any special equipment to get started, just a GPS or a smart phone. Give it a test drive today and change the way you race.

One person on the boat needs to install the RaceEQ’s app and run it while racing. Links to specific iPhone and Android downloads can be found here http://raceqs.com/home/

Here’s an example race from last year’s Race Week with Warlock, Bella J, Deja Vu, Shalloway and High Energy. 

Race Qs


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