9th International Robotic Sailing Regatta

The RNYC is pleased to welcome the 9th International Robotic Sailing Regatta hosted by and organized by MUN Engineering Students.

Teams from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Ontario and Newfoundland and Labrador.

June 1 – 6th come on down and give them a cheer as they put their miniature sailboats through their paces.

Captains follow their vessels from a safe distance.


Teams prepare to launch a variety of hulls.










Update on Marine Communications

Mariners are advised that effective 1900 UTC March 31, 2015 all marine communications and traffic services provided from St. John’s will consolidate into Placentia.

Vessels previously calling St. John’s coast guard radio should now call Placentia coast guard radio. The MMSI for St. John’s coast guard radio will be discontinued. Vessels using VHF dsc should now use the Placentia MMSI number 00 316 0019.  Any vessel operating in the St. John’s traffic zone will continue to report to St. John’s traffic on VHF channel 11, in accordance with the vessel traffic services zone regulations.



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