Wednesday Night Races

Spring Series – Race #1 – June 21, 2017

We kicked off our racing season last night. It was an amazing night for sailing with softer than forecast breezes from the SW witched shifted to WNW before the end of the race. Quite the temperature drop and the breeze was quite fluky and shifty.

Congratulations to Caroline Muselet and the crew on Asylum who placed first in DivII and to Theo Norvell on Sea Plus Plus who placed first in WS. It was Theo’s first race at the club – welcome and congratulations!

We’ll have many more boats out next week. Technically, the club isn’t open evenings until July however, it makes sense to open it if we have enough boats registered in advance so that it makes economic sense for the restaurant to open.

Next week we will send out the race information early and encourage boats to confirm in advance their intention to participate on Wednesday night. We will also have a limited menu so that you can place your food order BEFORE you head out for the race, which will help make for a better and faster service when we get back in to the club.

The official results are attached and we look forward to a great evening next Wednesday!

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  1. If anyone is ever looking for some rail meat with racing experience, or less experienced crew, shoot me a message. I’m 6 years out of practice, sailing Wed night races in another province. 34 years old and 215 lbs.



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