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“Whenever I needed the crane, whenever I needed anything, they were ready to do. It seemed like my schedule became their schedule. It was amazing.
I never saw that in a boatyard. ”

Olivier Huin - Captain of Breskell Evening Telegram

RNYC LOA drawing

* LOA is the length of a vessel’s hull measured parallel to the waterline.

Visiting Boat Policy
Non-member boats are welcome visitors at the RNYC. In order to accommodate the differing needs and requirements of local versus international voyagers boats visiting RNYC are classified into two categories:

Visiting Boats* – Boats originating from within the Province.

Transient Boats – Boats originating from outside the province (ocean going yachts)

*Non-member personal water crafts are not considered visiting boats and are not permitted to dock at the RNYC marina or channel quay.

Visiting and transient yachts are required to register and endorse a usage wavier.


boat bows Berthage/Docking
Berthage or docking fee is $1.00 / ft. per day (based on LOA).
Minimum daily docking fee: $30.00.

electrical service Electrical Service
Dockside electrical service is available at the following rates per day:
15 amp service - $6.00
20/30 amp service - $10.00
50 amp service - $12.00

fuel pumps Fueling Services
Gasoline and diesel fuel is available during regular office hours; 8:30 – 4:30 -Monday to Friday, (with reservation).

Contact the RNYC office or RNYC Yard Master. Fuel pump operation and refueling must be supervised by RNYC yard staff.

Refueling outside regular office hours, on weekends, and during holidays can be arranged for an additional charge.

boat bows Facilities
Restaurant & Takeout Food Services
Laundry and Shower
Swimming Pool

Maximum Stay:
The maximum length of a stay for a visiting boat is 14 days within a 28 day period. The first day of a stay is the first day of the 28 days allowed (1/28).

The maximum stay allowed may be adjusted under extenuating circumstances at the discretion of the executive.

Maximum Stay - Transient Boats
There is no no maximum stay for transient boats.

travel lift Marina Services

Haul Out
Less than 10 tons: $257.60 / lift
11 – 25 tons: $386.40 / lift
Over 25 tons: $451.60 / lift

Mast Crane $46.75 / lift

Boat Storage
$11.73 / day or 50% of full membership

Boat Transport to Storage
Travel Lift: $351.90
Trailer: $233.50

RNYC Policies and Procedures All visitors are required to follow all RNYC club policies and standard operating procedures. The RNYC reserves the right to deny entry or revoke berthing rights in any case of policy violation or in the event berthage is unavailable.

Securing Your Boat The owner or representative of a visiting or transient yacht must ensure that the vessel is adequately secured and fendered to the satisfaction of the RNYC Yard Master.

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